Be In Control Of Your Feelings

You can not dictate the feelings that come over you at any time. It could either be pleasant or unpleasant, but you can control it. And you must control it or it controls you. If it controls you, it defines your state of mind and your state of mind opens the door to either happiness or sadness. No matter the mood ( a sad or joyous mood), you are at the mercy of your feelings, you are rudderless, you do not have a grip on your life. So learn to take control of your feelings and consequently, control of your life.

Learn to control your feelings by making peace with the fact that bad and good things happen to everybody in life. Set-backs are not death traps, with time, patience and determination, you will wriggle out of it and get your life back on track. Do not allow temporary set-backs put you in a mood where you can not function productively. There is always light at the end of the tunnel for those who care to keep on moving.


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