43+ David Ogilvy Quotes On Habits Of Successful Marketers And Advertisers ( “My Life”).

Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.- David Ogilvy.

What Is Effective Consumer Market Segmentation? 5 Bases And 4 Important Segmentation Variables.

A typical consumer market is made up of individuals and households that purchase goods and services for personal and household consumption. Every consumer market has buyers that differ in several ways that makes market segmentation necessary. Market segmentation is the conscious effort of dividing a total market into groups (or segments) of people who shareContinue reading “What Is Effective Consumer Market Segmentation? 5 Bases And 4 Important Segmentation Variables.”

Why Is Successful Personal branding Necessary?

The answer to this question is the same as the answer to the question, ‘Why should you care about what people say about you as an entrepreneur?” You should because what people say about you and what they think of you influence the way they receive you and your business. In other words, they wouldContinue reading “Why Is Successful Personal branding Necessary?”

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Marketing Strategy?

Marketing strategy is part of an overall business strategy. It is the composition of marketing programs created for the purpose of making profits and achieving other objectives of a business. A good marketing strategy should allocate resources in a manner that guarantees that a business sustains the competitive advantage it has in the target market.Continue reading “What Are The Qualities Of A Good Marketing Strategy?”

5 Considerations For Selecting Appropriate Internet Marketing Channels.

Achieving success at publicizing a good content remains the best way to attract traffic to the content (digital product) that promotes a brand, its products and services. The success to a large extent, depends on picking appropriate internet marketing channels to get the content to the target consumers. What then is an internet marketing channel?Continue reading “5 Considerations For Selecting Appropriate Internet Marketing Channels.”

Marketing Information System.

In the business of selling, having timely relevant information about your customers is very important. Then creating a marketing information system to store and continuously update the information is vital to the successful marketing of your products. A marketing information system (MIS) is a dynamic set of processes created to generate, analyze, store and disseminateContinue reading “Marketing Information System.”

7 Personal Selling Skills That Really Drive Sales.

“The best product doesn’t sell itself, sales depend on planned communications to stimulate demand.” What is personal selling? Personal selling is a form of marketing communications system used to effectively explain, the advantages of a product to target customers. It’s a specific communications system designed to sell more products to existing customers, promote new productsContinue reading “7 Personal Selling Skills That Really Drive Sales.”

What Is Consumer Buying Behavior?

A business that is set up to make profit prioritizes the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders. The satisfaction of customers is dependent on the business having a thorough knowledge of its customers, their wants, motives, preferences, purchasing power and demographic characteristics. A good marketing decision depends on how good the level of knowledge aboutContinue reading “What Is Consumer Buying Behavior?”

A Course On Marketing; Pricing Strategies.- Introduction.

What is pricing? Pricing can be defined as the monetary value or equivalent of a good or service.Bernhart (1990) defined price as the value that one puts on the utility that one pays for goods and services. Utility received can be any of the four; place, time, form and possession.Price can be formally defined asContinue reading “A Course On Marketing; Pricing Strategies.- Introduction.”

Customer Satisfaction and Social Media Driven Micromarketing: An Empirical Evidence.

Authors: Anyadighibe, Joseph A.[a],*; Ezekiel, Maurice Sunday[a]; Nsobiari Festus Awara[a]  Abstract  The research paper intended to view the evolution of  micromarketing from its inception in 1988 by Ross Nelson  Kay to the new dimension, especially in the 21st century.  Also, micromarketing – customer satisfaction model was  developed for the study to show the relationship between Continue reading “Customer Satisfaction and Social Media Driven Micromarketing: An Empirical Evidence.”