Zig Ziglar’s 7 Tips To Grow From Zero To A Hero.

Highways on the virgin land?

stop wasting your time, it’s uncharted, nobody will lead you to that goldmine,

you have to do it yourself,

you have to work and sweat, believe that those inevitable challenges will take you there,

they will take you to where you can build  a sea port in the concrete forest,

then lead others there, where you would be crowned with respect and wealth.

Zig Ziglar’s 7 Tips To Greatness.

  1. The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.
  2. You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.
  3. It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.
  4. Outstanding people have one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission.
  5. You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.
  6. Success is dependent upon the glands – sweat glands.
  7. Many people spend more time in planning the wedding than they do in planning the marriage.

Questions You Mustn’t Ask And Things You Mustn’t Do If You Must Build Your Marriage On Trust.

A long lasting marriage is built on trust. Where there is no trust, love is living on borrowed times. A union of two love birds would eventually collapse and one or both lovers would either have to move on with hope or get left behind with a broken heart.

So, since trust is the bedrock of every enduring marriage, how can someone who desires to enjoy the rewards of a happy long lasting marriage build trust? It is by refusing to ask some QUESTIONS and do some things.

What are those questions you shouldn’t ask, things you shouldn’t say and do?

  1. Don’t have secrets. Tell your partner everything about what you are doing or intend to do. Let your partner know about your fears and your hopes. Be transparent and be as opened as possible.
  2. Don’t say, ‘You are lying’, or ‘I don’t believe you‘. When you tell your partner that they are lying, you are indirectly telling them that you don’t trust them. When you do this on a consistent basis, you are making it difficult for your partner to tell you the truth about a lot if things. This is because, they would have had the impression that telling you anything is a waste of time, since you would never believe.

Don’t ask, ‘who was that?‘. Okay you should but when it becomes a habit, it becomes a problem. If your partner wants to tell you who they were with and where they were, they would volunteer the information without you asking. Asking, especially frequently and leaving no room for objectivity, would make them believe that you are trailing them out of suspicion. And suspicion breeds distrust.

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The feat to swim is borned out of the need not to drown.

Set your eyes and your heart on getting what you can conveniently get

that’s within your reach, then let your contentment break down those restraining gates

that could and have held back greater talent than you, from going above

their little beginnings and getting out of their little cocoon

to test the ups and downs and then either win or lose when the chips are down

and the truth will always remain, that the feat to swim is borned out of the need not to drown.

Divorcing Is Difficult, Loving Is Tough.

What is it that is making it impossible

for you to hold it down, enjoy your union and the warmth of the one who sustains your strength

and ensures that you bleed love instead of venom,

live in togetherness, instead of packing your bags and being on the run,

but marriage is not for kids, it’s for those who can put up with the vexation of tolerating the opposite

who hates what you love and love some of the things that would never give you peace,

well,hold on, refrain from blaming and concentrate on loving

because at the end, love would be all accommodating and conquering.

Sleep Is Death. Stay Awake.

There is no greater inspiration

than knowing that you have only one chance to live

to be whatever and whoever you can think of or dream of,

so, when you realize this fact, you must either act or go to sleep,

when you act, you stand a chance of living,

but if you should decide to sleep, then you are not among the living,

sleep is next to death,

to survive, you must stay awake.

It Is By Planting That Tiny Seed Of Belief, That You Would Harvest That Great Dream.

Let me tell you this, if it would bring you peace,

you can be just where, you want to be,

if you would break those chains of doubts and fear,

and step away from the crowd of wailers and praise singers who are singing

and deceiving you into believing that average is beautiful, that your dreams are a mirage,

start believing in you and your ambition, let them say it’s outlandish,

some would never believe the storm is coming until they are trapped in the whirlwind,

so, beautiful one, walk away into freedom, you don’t belong in that prison.

George Carlin: Think off-center.

Thinking off-center in world of unpredictability could give stability. It is important because what was right yesterday could be wrong today, so life calls for constant critical analysis. Take nothing for granted and take nobody for granted, a friend today, could become an enemy tomorrow, we are living in a world of diversities and interests. So, keep a daily routine of exploring ways of improving who you are today, so as to get to where you want to be tomorrow.

A Confluence Of Peace And Conflict? It’s A Miss.

The breeze is blowing but the leaves are not dancing,

the hot air is suffocating and the laughter is dying,

Tom should have fed the dog but he was lost in the ‘nowhere’,

John was home, the dog was starving, it wasn’t John’s business,

are millions not starving and dying because we are searching for an elusive peace?

Now tell me, can we truly have a confluence of a river of peace and an ocean of conflicts?