Going Down To The Bottom May Be The Way Up.

Don’t hurt yourself by hating who are or where are

or for being unable to be the brand or reach the star

that you have learnt so hard and trained so hard to shoot and hope not to miss,

but shoot you have and hit you have not, failing consistently

to reach the position where success lights up the heart

and, dream and reality blend into a paradise that you wish you were not really alive,

because being alive means death is inevitable,

and don’t we all sincerely hope that good times will never end,

but this is real life that where you are today,

is insignificant as long as you are ready to re-write the script and live by your terms.

The Best Way To Overcome Hurt And STILL RISE.

When someone hurts you, choose the sunshine and not the eclipse,

See it as being temporary,

Choose not to hate rather to understand that,

Every human runs to to type,

Are  we all not one of the same kind?

Thinking about ourselves often and seldom about others,

So, when someone hurts you, choose to live and not to die,

Choose to believe in positivity and to STILL RISE.

Moments Of Anger Are Not Moments To Take Those Decisions.

When you are under the pressure to take a decision in a moment of anger, choose to go for a walk or get some sleep. The consequences of most decisions taken in moments of anger are pains, regrets and destruction. 
Try as much as you can to avoid being responsible for the heartbreak, pains and frustration of others. Make a conscious effort to make as few enemies as possible while making as many friends as you possibly could. There is too much insecurity in the world already, so why exacerbate it! Choose love, freedom and happiness.