Bobby Knight-The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare.

Bobby Knight-The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare.

All, at birth, do all they can to succeed

at learning most of the things ‘all’ require to fit-in,

with willing adults helping out, the will to succeed is total, 

put it down to instinct or nature, everybody is a born winner

but most surrender to the weakening power of trials,

which must be overcome in order to earn survival,

but shouldn’t it be, as you get older,

the will to learn, prepare and get better, gets stronger,

shouldn’t it be, with the less helping hands you have,

you look inwards and awaken the sleeping giant inside?

so, lean on knowledge and learning

for success, in your adult life; the period of little or zero dependency.

Stephen Covey: When You Begin With The End In Mind, Then…

Stephen Covey: When you begin with the end in mind,

then, it becomes very difficult to quit before the finish line,

your mind is the seat of actions you take and fail to take,

so, for you to get the best out of life, you must keep it awake;

keep it alert to spot opportunities and keep it inspired to push you

to begin, continue and push on through,

turbulent weather to the safety of the beautiful colors of the rainbow;

so, always begin with the end in mind; it’s your amulet against the ‘unknown’.

Bob Kane: When I first drew him(Batman) I had eyes in there and it didn’t look right.

Bob Kane: When I first drew him I had eyes in there and it didn’t look right,

you don’t always get it right the first time,

but stick to the idea, remove here and add there,

fall and rise, get use to the boos and the jeers;

to all the negatives, turn a blind eye,

keep turning up, let them continue to criticize while you continue to maximize

the little opportunity you are getting

until the doubters sit up and start listening.

Jeff Goldblum: People Work Harder When Conditions Are Worse…

Jeff Goldblum: People work harder when conditions are worse…

Then why do most give up, refuse to fight on and hang on

to see what happens when the worst is over?

why do most quit today, when tomorrow could be better?

why do you continue to look for the easy way out

when it’s the worst that makes you discover your greatest potential?

so, dare to soar above the limits of your superficial

because this is what creates A STAR out of millions of fireflies.

Free Clothes Hardly Fit.

When you really need, then go for it,

when it’s broken, then fix it,

don’t pass on your responsibility;

handle yours, others are handling theirs

mind your business, everybody hates a nuisance,

if you must be respected, you must respect yourself first,

the best teaching tool is an example, be valuable don’t just occupy space,

if it’s desirable and it’s free, then it’s nice but very expensive in real terms

it’s expensive because the competition is stiff and its real value could be shredded.




Timothy Leary On Moving On.

You can always pick up your needle and move to another groove. Timothy Leary

Moving on is always difficult especially when your last failed attempt is wrongly interpreted as the last chance. But this is a world of unlimited chances limited by the negative attitude of humans to give up and take the bus home at where they believe is the last “Bus Stop’. There is no last ‘bus stop’ in life, there are only brief stopovers. Life is one big party, where you dance to good music and when the bad music is playing, you pick up your needle and move on to the next groove. 

Take The Risk, Love Pays Those That Wait On It.

Over thousands of miles, the waiting could be near impossible

after a long while, you may believe that waiting is unprofitable,

because you may conclude; time and space are a wide chasm,

that only fools would choose to close their eyes to the gulf between facts and fictions,

but what is certain in life? isn’t everything about taking the risk

to believe in some lies with the hope that when it’s time to look at the rear view

you would be glad you risked all for the sake of love?

love comes to those that never give up on waiting on love.