The Best Way To Handle An Unprovoked Attack.

Staying calm in the face of an unprovoked attack, calms a raging sea. Do you know why? When the attack comes like a little fire, your attacker expects you to flare up too and turn that tiny tongue of flame into a conflagration that could harm you. If you could keep calm and refuse to take the bait, you conserve precious energy and give yourself the chance to think clearer and act better at a future time, when the element of surprise would be in your favour.

Joseph Conrad- Perhaps life is just that… a dream and a fear.

Joseph Conrad on conflicting emotions that challenge every living being, he said, “perhaps life is just that… a
dream and a fear”, succumbing to the fear not to live your dream, is exchanging liberty for a life in chains and tears; a tragic choice, a colossal waste, if this is your lot, you can still escape and get away; by putting your fear behind you and keeping your dream in constant view.

Pretenders And Cheats, The Crown Is Real.

In life, you are always going to have those who will cry more than you the bereaved, behind you they wish you were the one six feet deep, you will always have friends that will hang around you when your pocket is fat, behind you they wish you could go broke than a church rat, you are always going to have swindlers that will try to trick you, and if you should fall a victim, they will be the first to console you with comforting words: in life, they will always be pretenders and cheats, hey! Be watchful for the crown is real.

When my enemies stop hissing, I shall know I’m slipping. Maria Callas.


Maria Callas: When my enemies stop hissing,

I shall know I’m slipping,

so let the hate song go on,

it shouldn’t stop you from grooving on,

who doesn’t have an enemy,

oh yea, there is one at the cemetery,

so my dear, everyone has one,

and enemies exist to give you the hate rope for you to hold and climb to the top.


You Have A Dynamite, Your Mind Is A Power House.

When a giant of a problem stands right in front of you, blocks your view, you don’t need your physical eyes to think, you need presence of mind, use it, and enlarge your thinking, to outclass, outshine and swallow up your problem, leaving you with ample space for prosperity and happiness.

Does Aerobic Exercise Improve The Brain Performance?-Research.

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Those who dare, own the stage.

In the absence of hope, engage your time, be active every second of your life, run away from excuses, run towards sound reasons: that combine to make you actively seek a devotion to service rather than creating excuses that condemn you to the back seat, and watch those who dare, own the stage.

Woody Allen- Eighty percent of success is showing up.

Just show up and don’t be afraid of laughter and derision, be the reason they relax and forget about their bad times and difficult season, if you would hang around and play the clown, they may just love to have you around, and they wouldn’t keep you for free, of course they would pay your upkeep, this is a basic deal.

Personal Development Interaction.

Personal development is the key to a successful living. Without self-discovery, there is no self-actualisation and without self-actualisation, there is no self-esteem. Self-esteem gives you the confidence to overcome your worst fears and pursue your best dreams, dreams that when achieved, bring peace, prosperity and happiness. The truth is, every good thing you can ever get in life depends on your level of personal development. To attain a satisfactory level of personal development, you must have correct answers to fundamental life’s puzzling questions. What are those questions you can’t answer? We want to know, share and answer.

Not Everything You Need Is Necessary.

Which question about life gives you sleepless nights? Which answer about life you believe if you had, life for you would cease to be meaningless and begin to come alive? The answers you know are mysteries that blind others to the truth, but if you would share and exchange your wisdom and ignorance, you would strike a balance between what is necessary and relevant to living purposefully and the pursuit of irrelevant emptiness that makes living so boring.