12+ Frank Bettger Quotes To Show You How To Sell Insurance Policy.

Franklin Lyle “Frank” Bettger was born on February 15, 1888. He was an American self-help author Bettger played Major League Baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1910 under the name Frank Betcher. He started out his career playing for Johnstown, Pennsylvania in the Tri-State League, making US$175 a month in 1907 (equivalent to $4,861Continue reading “12+ Frank Bettger Quotes To Show You How To Sell Insurance Policy.”

Risk Management Technique: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Self-Insurance.

Individuals and businesses are familiar with the fact that risk and uncertainty are part of life. Techniques have been developed to manage risks associated with human existence. Risk management is the identification, assessment and economic control of risks that have the capacity to adversely affect assets and earning capacity of individuals and businesses. One ofContinue reading “Risk Management Technique: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Self-Insurance.”

Insurance Contracts: What Is Insurable Interest?

Insurable interest, except it can be or is waved, is a fundamental requirement of any insurance contract. The policyholder (the insured) must have a clearly defined relationship with the subject matter of insurance. The subject matter of insurance can be an event that may lead to the loss of a legal right or the creationContinue reading “Insurance Contracts: What Is Insurable Interest?”

Why Should I Bundle My Insurance Policies?

An insurance policy to a large extent, should provide the restoration of the value of a lost asset. In the light of this merit, investing in insurance policies is a wise investment. A healthy net worth is a positive value of net assets. A postlitive value of net assets indicates excess of total assets overContinue reading “Why Should I Bundle My Insurance Policies?”