The Valley Will Eventually Meet The Mountain.

Good times will come, and when they come, make the best of them but save some to see you through bad times, while waiting for good times to return, when going through bad times, have faith, stop complaining, save your energy, because the valley will eventually take you to the foot of a mountain, whereContinue reading “The Valley Will Eventually Meet The Mountain.”

The Valley Or The Summit? Choose One.

Where you are now doesn’t matter, where you want to be is all that matters, so gird your loins, push hard, push harder, stand up strong, work harder, don’t falter, stay the course, don’t be discouraged by challenges, fall and rise, keep walking, stay positive, the valley is overcrowded, those at the summit are celebrated.

There’s Hardly A Successful Human Who’s Not Carrying A Scar.

If you are scared of crash landing, then you are afraid of flying, most high flyers are stars, they are stars who carry scars, before they got to the height they now are, they failed a couple of times and fatally sometimes but they never gave up, their goal, their fuel, their vision, their food.Continue reading “There’s Hardly A Successful Human Who’s Not Carrying A Scar.”