What Are The 3 Most Important Things In Marriage?

You may think that love is number one in marriage but it is not. After some years into marriage, love begins to play a declining importance and the commitment to make it work no matter what becomes more and more important. So number is; Commitment to see the marriage to the end. And when is…

Why Love Is Incomplete Without Tolerance And Understanding.

Don’t we all love what makes us happy and hate what makes us sad? We do but for your relationship to work, you must find a good way to live with what you don’t love, for the sake of the one you don’t love. This is where tolerance comes in. Is your spouse or friend…

Curve Shoes For Straight Legs.

Curve shoes are made for straight legs, we are all imperfect, there’s a speck in everybody’s eye, tolerate each other.

Must You Always Accept…

In a relationship, should you always accept being wrong when you are not, in order for the affair to go on, at the risk of trading off your happiness… for sadness?

Different Eyes, Different Views, One People.

Be tolerant of other’s views because we see the world out of different eyes, eyes that have different colors, different shapes and different sizes. Most of the times, with patience and understanding, our different views could become the same.

The Blind Men, The Elephant And Our Different Views.

We all see the same thing with our different eyes, the eyes of different people see the same thing differently. So, appreciate and tolerate the views of others because at the end of the day, we are seeing the same thing differently.