37 Vincent Van Gogh Quotes On Painting, Art, Nature And Passion.

It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.

What To Remember In Life.

Mistakes are repeated when lessons are not remebered. you want greatness? First be faithful in little matters; So before you conclude no one cares, remember people only care when they know how much you care. you want love to stay, remember with true love, everyone needs one another and everyone wants to stay. when lifeContinue reading “What To Remember In Life.”

We are all in the gutter,… – Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde- “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” crawling out is a personal choice, reaching for the stars has nothing to do luck, put it down to hard work and belief, and these two shouldn’t be beyond any human being, but most are not looking up,Continue reading “We are all in the gutter,… – Oscar Wilde”

Old Eyes Can Still See The Stars.

No age is too old and too late to dream and begin to live purposefully. It is only too late when you resign to the fate of a loser, a passer-by in life or also-ran. At every given time in this world, something is happening and waiting for someone, regardless of age, to challenge theirContinue reading “Old Eyes Can Still See The Stars.”

Ye Stars! Which Are The Poetry Of Heaven! – Lord Byron.

Twinkle little stars, your light is soft but it guides and, directs the feet aright, it walks to safety, a heart that is overwhelmed by the darkness of life, but who really needs stars, that are out of reach, when in those simple eyes, of friends and families around, you have a real star youContinue reading “Ye Stars! Which Are The Poetry Of Heaven! – Lord Byron.”