How To Win With The Power Of The Inner Mind.

When you are overwhelmed by the problems of life, hand them over to the inner power that lies within you. Give you over in meditation and in prayers and let the awesome power that is powerful than anything you know, work out solutions while you write the problems diqn somewhere anf continue with your life….

What Are The Advantages Of Being Patient?

What are the advantages of being patient? With patience you go through life effortlessly, no stress and no enemies. If you would be patient with people, you would ; 1. Have a better understanding of people because listening to the end when people talk would cease to be problem and, 2. Cease to allow people…

Seasons Come And Go.

Seasons come and go, but seasons are always here, problems come and go, but the toughest is always here, no matter how tough a resistance is, it has its breaking point, it is at your weakest link, that if you would stay strong, you would find the strength, to succeed where you usually fail.

This Is The Major Reason You Are Having Problems In Your Relationship.

A relationship is about two people and what they want together or what they don’t want together. You will start having problems in your relationship when you believe what ‘you’ want is what ‘we’ want. What if it isn’t? Have you had a long patient discussion with your partner on why ‘yours’ should be ‘ours’?…

A Tough Nut And Intelligence In The Head.

When God gives you a nut, he doesn’t crack it for you but gives you the brain to figure out how to crack it yourself. Nobody’s nut is tougher than their natural intelligence. The problem is, those who are too lazy to push the limits never surmount their challenges. Challenges don’t show up to punish…

When You Spare A Thought For Others, You See Your Problem In A Different Light.

We elevate ourselves when we spare a thought for others; their pains, their joy and their desires. Our problems become smaller when we realize that the problems of others are bigger, we tend to thank our stars that our problem is little, this thankfulness opens our eyes to the solution which was hitherto, not visible.

Stop Worrying, Start Thinking!

If at this moment, you are really feeling the weight of your problems, suffocating debts compounded by loneliness and you don’t know when help will come or where it will come from, don’t complicate the situation by worrying too much, worrying won’t help at all, it will only make things worse, just get a pencil…

Little Solutions To Big Problems.

Don’t add to this hardship, do little sweet things, make yourself happy. The little things are not expensive, you can do them when you are ready. Do morning push ups, go for a jog, keep yourself healthy and fit. Give someone a smile, light up a heart, go the extra mile and be kind to…

Most Of The Times The Solutions Are Simple

When you have a frightening problem that gives you sleepless nights, the first step to take towards solving it is to lay down in black and white, possible solutions. There is a soothing feeling of relief that comes with the completion of this simple task.

Eat Problems For Breakfast.

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast- Alfred. A. Montapert. Have you had your breakfast yet? Of course you know I am talking about that first meal taken after rising from a night sleep mostly taken in the morning before work. I want to propose the most bizzare of food for your next breakfast. Your…