11 Great Ways To Make Your Long Distant Relationship Work.

A relationship is a union of two people who have come together to seek mutual benefits. Togetherness is the underlying word here. There can’t be a quality time in the absence of togetherness. And quality time is the paramount reason for having a relationship. Because quality time is the golden opportunity to know one anotherContinue reading “11 Great Ways To Make Your Long Distant Relationship Work.”

Why Is The Development Of The Body, The Mind and The Spirit Important?

Personal development is a necessity for personal success. Work on your spiritual development that gives you the self-discipline to shun fear, doubt and procrastination. Self-discipline trains your mind to focus in the midst of distractions. Work on the development and expansion of your mind. Your goals, plans and strategies are a function of your mind.Continue reading “Why Is The Development Of The Body, The Mind and The Spirit Important?”

Go Ahead!

When you set your mind on something, and no one seems to agree it’s going to work, still go ahead, it’s your dream, nobody has a guarantee. Go ahead! There’s nothing wrong with failing except quitting. Go ahead! You have no other way of knowing how it’s going to end, except you get to theContinue reading “Go Ahead!”

Fear, a call-to-positive-action.

Have you ever been scared to death to scale a 10-foot wall and survive it all, then later, looked back and wondered where that performance came from? Fear is a positive force when it makes you to reject inaction and accept action; if you would place it behind you and focus on the goal inContinue reading “Fear, a call-to-positive-action.”

Stop Complaining And Come To Life Daily.

If we die daily, then we must come to life daily through a conscious active living. Stop complaining, it’s the one thing that chiefly stops most from coming to life daily. Complaining is a ‘time killer’ (ironically but appropriately, a time waster). It shuts down the space for creative thinking as every second is spentContinue reading “Stop Complaining And Come To Life Daily.”

A Person’s Emotion Is The Window To The Heart.

We all want to be understood, so if you could, read and interpret other peoples’ emotions perfectly, the better would be your human relations skill. A self-evaluation- How good are you at reading the emotions of others? Learn some tips at- https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201612/how-good-are-you-reading-other-people-s-emotions.

Phillips Brooks- …Pray for powers equal to your tasks.

Phillips Brooks-“Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks”…pray for courage to overcome setbacks and continue without looking back; at opportunities missed; they always come back in another form to those who don’t quit; so maximize your inbuilt capacity to approximate perfection, so that your reward wouldContinue reading “Phillips Brooks- …Pray for powers equal to your tasks.”

5 Reasons Spiritual Development Is Fundamental To Personal Development.

Spiritual development is the beginning of personal development. You need to discover who you are in order to know how far you have gone from where you started (that is, if you have started at all) and how far away you are from where you want to be. In life, success depends to a largeContinue reading “5 Reasons Spiritual Development Is Fundamental To Personal Development.”

Richard Branson- Everybody Deserves A Second Chance.

Some folks are so attached to the past to the point of refusing to move forward. For instance, they are always waiting for that day they would go back to an old job they lost, an old love they lost, an old status they lost and everything they once loved so much and still wishContinue reading “Richard Branson- Everybody Deserves A Second Chance.”