Our finger prints don’t fade from the lives we touch. – Judy Blume.

every failed attempt to leave brightening finger prints on some lives
would reward you with peace of mind;

Jyoti Patel – “Some Will Find You In Tranquility And Leave You Broken…,

some will find you in tranquility and leave you broken,some will not walk away until they have cut you open and make sure your heart weeps and bleedsbefore they park their load and leave; When you receive pains instead of love, don’t give up on love,because the following is true about the people of thisContinue reading “Jyoti Patel – “Some Will Find You In Tranquility And Leave You Broken…,”

No Peace Of Mind? Calm Your Mind.

What’s required in the moment of crisis is, calmness of the mind. Although it’s a difficult feat to achieve but instead of running riot and saying all the things, counting 1, 2, 3 and keeping quiet is better. Calm down and wait as the clock tick and tock. The passage of time has a magicalContinue reading “No Peace Of Mind? Calm Your Mind.”

The Richest Man.

The tallest mountain is below the sky, the smallest part of a whole matters, everything has its boundaries or limits, no matter how high you soar, something will still be out of reach, so learn to find contentment in all you have, you don’t need to have it all to be the richest man, aContinue reading “The Richest Man.”

If It’s Not Real, Then It’s Not A Deal.

Live freely, live your dream, besides this, nothing else is real, reality is what everybody is living in, if you are not with happy with your present reality, then dream bigger and keep working to achieve real peace, once you hit it real, then contentment is found, contentment is found when there is peace ofContinue reading “If It’s Not Real, Then It’s Not A Deal.”