In the end, everything is simple. – Jean Gebser

In the end, everything is simple and everything makes up life,but it all depends on you, your belief and your understanding of the meaning of life.If you believed that life rewards struggle with its good fruitsthen you would find out at the end that the end of one struggle is the beginning of sorrow,because finallyContinue reading “In the end, everything is simple. – Jean Gebser”

Why Can’t I Stay In A Relationship For Long?

Have you been wondering why you can’t stay in a relationship for long? You may find the answer below. Love is jealous, it doesn’t share its space with anything except people who’ve made up their minds to give love and ask for nothing in return. Sadly, those who can give love unconditionally and altruistically areContinue reading “Why Can’t I Stay In A Relationship For Long?”

Why Are We Here?

The universe has kept everyplant and animal in different places,to teach humans thatwhen they follow a paththat consistently fuels their passionthey cease to be friends with failureand become inseparable from success.. Each of us is calledto serve the worldwith what we have,brought in, packaged in clenched hands;regrettably, most of us are lostfollowing the few who’reContinue reading “Why Are We Here?”

We Underestimate The Power of A Touch, A smile, A kind word, A listening ear… – Leo Buscaglia.

oo often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
– Leo Buscaglia.

No One Is Perfect.

Many search high and low,invest time, energy, money, heart and more, yet the return is still so heartbreakingreinforcing the belief that the finest thing in life doesn’t exist, while many find love, few keep it with them,this few know that with love, one thing certain; that one is enough, always enough for the one whoContinue reading “No One Is Perfect.”

Jyoti Patel – “Some Will Find You In Tranquility And Leave You Broken…,

some will find you in tranquility and leave you broken,some will not walk away until they have cut you open and make sure your heart weeps and bleedsbefore they park their load and leave; When you receive pains instead of love, don’t give up on love,because the following is true about the people of thisContinue reading “Jyoti Patel – “Some Will Find You In Tranquility And Leave You Broken…,”