19 Thomas Hobbes Quotes (Philosophy).

They that approve a private opinion, call it opinion; but they that mislike it, heresy: and yet heresy signifies no more than private opinion. – Thomas Hobbes.

The Power of Choice.

The power to do many things is in your hand. You become aware of this power when you realize that the people of the world owe nothing except the space to live in peace. You have the power to create your own environment away from a chaotic world. The building blocks are made up ofContinue reading “The Power of Choice.”

What To Remember In Life.

Mistakes are repeated when lessons are not remebered. you want greatness? First be faithful in little matters; So before you conclude no one cares, remember people only care when they know how much you care. you want love to stay, remember with true love, everyone needs one another and everyone wants to stay. when lifeContinue reading “What To Remember In Life.”

Why Is Joy Important In Life?

Build joy into your journey, the storm passes swiftly Over a heart that joy lives in; is trouble the sickness, joy is the healing, don’t join the multitude who are waiting and working for joy that is everywhere. Real joy is not in a distant goal, joy is the fire that keeps our intelligence aglow,Continue reading “Why Is Joy Important In Life?”

What Are The Advantages Of Being Patient?

What are the advantages of being patient? With patience you go through life effortlessly, no stress and no enemies. If you would be patient with people, you would ; 1. Have a better understanding of people because listening to the end when people talk would cease to be problem and, 2. Cease to allow peopleContinue reading “What Are The Advantages Of Being Patient?”

How Do I Reach My Self Worth?

How much is your self worth? Does it give you confidence or does it make you feel inferior in life? If your self worth gives you an inferiority complex then you are not ever going to live a happy life. Because you are not ever going to dare to think big and dare to reachContinue reading “How Do I Reach My Self Worth?”

How Can I Be Happy And Contented In Life?

Nothing more makes the heart hapoy than having whatever you want whenever you want. It therefore means that if you could have complete contentment every moment of your  life then happiness is yours to keep. Because in contentment is every source of happiness. Then what does it take to achieve complete contentment? 1. Be happy forContinue reading “How Can I Be Happy And Contented In Life?”

Edgar Guest- When you’re up against a trouble,      Meet it squarely, face to face.

Life is about solving problems, it’s about going through the pain to reach the gain; it’s not about quitting before the end, it’s about seeing difficulties through to the end *** “See It Through”By  Edgar Guest. When you’re up against a trouble,      Meet it squarely, face to face;  Lift your chin and setContinue reading “Edgar Guest- When you’re up against a trouble,      Meet it squarely, face to face.”

If You Haven’t Lost The Child In You…

If you haven’t lost the child.in you, then your life would be fun filled and easy. You are going to stay creative, question things to know better, take risk to discover, easily forget disappointments and, go back when you fail, to try again and again until you succeed. You would wake up in the morningContinue reading “If You Haven’t Lost The Child In You…”