Every Good Entrepreneur Is A Host Of Memorable Events.

Host events and create memories. Attend events and have memories. When you attend an event, you may either get noticed or not get noticed by the host. Whether you are noticed or not, you will take away either a great or an unpleasant memory. Whichever memory, you take away doesn’t strengthen or weaken the host’s…

Your Dream Is Your True Identity.

If it wouldn’t let you sleep, then it’s your dream, if it’s making you restless, then it’s your dream, if you are yet to see the reward, yet you are still moving forward, then it’s your dream; Never let go of your dream because your dream is the only true IDENTITY you have.

Arnold Schwarzenegger On The Need To Have An Identity.

Arnold Schwarzenegger- “The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.”…a crowd is an anonymity, a no name identity; not known, not recognized, recognition carries a name tag; so carve out a niche and stand out, have an identity.

No Identity, No Attention!

Staying in the shadow, no identity, it’s just a silhouette, no identity, no recognition, if you are not outstanding, you don’t have the attention.

The Search For Identity.

You will remain unknown to others until you discover who you are, and until you have found who you are, you will not be found. People do business with those they know and can trust, no identity, no loyalty, there is no gain in being anonymous. Now, know this, to be patronized, you must recognised…