Success Is Only For The Courageous.

“Life is meaningless without finding fulfilment. So find meaning in life through courage. Find the courage to live a meaningful life that would engrave your name in the sands of time. Now is the time to find the courage if you didn’t have it. ” From the book ANSWERS TO.LIFE’S FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS All theContinue reading “Success Is Only For The Courageous.”

Loving Is Life.

Why do the bright stars of love dim without warning? why do love grow old without aging? Or do lovers live so far apart, to notice that the bridge of togetherness is falling down? Maybe we are too absorbed in ourselves, to notice that there is always someone else, who is trying to flee theContinue reading “Loving Is Life.”

Love. Pain. Bitteness.

Pain is felt by every human heart, love is the life in every human heart, universality is the way you love to be treated faithfulness calms the heart, nobody loves to be cheated, sometimes love is eclipsed by the wickedness in every human heart, when that happens, give love a second chance, to make amendsContinue reading “Love. Pain. Bitteness.”

Pride Goes Before A Fall.

It’s okay to have pride but don’t let it clip your wings in ways you can’t fly, yea, it could stop you from asking questions you believe are foolish, and get laughed at, at first, then receive wise answers that set you free, to explore and discover, better ways to live a fulfilled life; soContinue reading “Pride Goes Before A Fall.”

Don’t Marry.

How do you see marriage? As a thing for angels or devils? For most young people who are still struggling to accept life’s realities, pleasant certainties and unpleasant certainties, marriage is deemed as a bed of roses with angels as gardeners. However, this is a dream about marriage shared by teens, who grew up orContinue reading “Don’t Marry.”

Happiness Lives Within You, So, Don’t Go Searching For It

THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS. Nothing should stand in it’s way, everything shouldn’t be in place before you are okay, go for happiness, don’t compromise because money can’t buy it, it’s free, so get it, in all seasns, be happy. Some have it all except happiness. They set goals and achieve them all but still happinessContinue reading “Happiness Lives Within You, So, Don’t Go Searching For It”

Search For Success Made Simple.

When you don’t know what you are searching for, then you are searching for nought, but when your search is defined, you will most likely find the desire of your heart. **** Inspired By The Book-THE SEARCH FOR SELF By Ayi Etim. It’s at: