Have This 1 Thing And Have It All.

Have the desire to live, and have it all, shattered? Pick the pieces, and soldier one, you think yours is bad, there’s always someone worse off, those who want it really bad, are those who have it all, so, against all odds, live on, if you must give up, do so only to move up.

The Richest Man.

The tallest mountain is below the sky, the smallest part of a whole matters, everything has its boundaries or limits, no matter how high you soar, something will still be out of reach, so learn to find contentment in all you have, you don’t need to have it all to be the richest man, aContinue reading “The Richest Man.”

Let’s Live, Work, Eat And Sleep Together In Peace.

When you talk, your heart works better when someone listens to you, when you walk, you cover thousands of miles easily with a company but very difficult alone; alone, we are bits and pieces of a whole, but together, we form a great group, everybody matters, so tolerate each other, small streams, together form aContinue reading “Let’s Live, Work, Eat And Sleep Together In Peace.”

Greatness Doesn’t Require Having All At The Beginning.

See every opportunity that comes your way as the best and the last time, such an opportunity will knock on your door. So when an opportunity presents itself to you, don’t waste precious time complaining about not having ALL the resources to maximize the opportunity. Everything required, MUST NOT be available before you set outContinue reading “Greatness Doesn’t Require Having All At The Beginning.”