Say No Tears And Pains.

Fill your days with songs of joy and watch the birds sing and dance with you, laughter shouldn’t be scarce in your voice, keep smiling, brighten the dark clouds, your side of the sky, should always be blue, from now henceforth, radiate happiness, radiate strength, say no to a life of tears and pains.

The Burden On An Unforgiving Heart.

If no word could soften your heart to make you forgive another who have done you wrong, then know that an unforgiving heart is a heart weighed down by a heavy burden. It’s difficult for such a heart to know real happiness, experience true wellness and enjoy a good life. So, forgive, lighten that burdenContinue reading “The Burden On An Unforgiving Heart.”

Good And Bad Times Are Part Of Life.

You can’t win all the time. So don’t feel bad when you fail sometimes. When you lose sometimes, move on, you could win next time. Feeling sad, feeling frustrated is a waste of time, sadness dampens the enthusiasm to get the best out of life. When you lose, it means someone else won this time,Continue reading “Good And Bad Times Are Part Of Life.”