Don’t Give Or Take Excuses.

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“I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse.” – Florence Nightingale.

We’re in tough times; pandemic, rising food prices, violence, wars and other forms of crisis.

Tough times give people many reasons to give excuses for not taking responsibility and to take excuses from others who don’t want to accept responsibility for anything.

Giving or taking excuses is a trap.
It’s a trap that makes it convenient to accept an average life that forbids taking risks to set higher goal and persisting until all barriers to success are broken down.

It’s a trap that makes the acceptance of the indulgence in procrastination very convenient and very attractive.

It’s a trap that normalizes the tolerance of consistently low productivity from non-committed team members.

Giving or taking excuses creates an atmosphere where no progress can be made.

If you want to succeed, form the powerful habit that makes it impossible for you to give or take excuses.

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