“Love is an attempt at penetrating another being,…” – Octavio Paz.

“Love is an attempt at penetrating another being, but it can only succeed if the surrender is mutual.” – Octavio

So, it’s not going to be easy to be on the same page on everything very quickly. Agreeing on everything? Is never going to happen.

Why? The penetration, though will never be one hundred percent, is going to be slow but steady. Note that one hundred percent penetration is not needed to build a great relationship.

The level of penetration that makes two hearts inseparable is enough. The truth is, this is not going to happen without hitches now and then.

To overcome occasional hitches, you have to be committed to the continual building of bridges. Build those bridges with perseverance, understanding and wisdom.

But you will never succeed at building those bridges to join two hearts if the other heart is uncooperative?

The penetration must be mutual. Two persons that desire to spend their lives together must put in the hard work: to always cling to one another, no matter the intensity of self centered interests which may try to pull them apart.

Love does its job when the determination to penetrate one another is mutual. What’s Love’s job? To keep two hearts together as one in an atmosphere of enduring happiness and peace of mind.


Please note that the meaning of the word Penetration is this context is, “the ability to discern deeply and acutely.”

The full Octavio Paz quote;

“Love is an attempt to penetrate another being, but it can only be realized if the surrender is mutual. It is always difficult to give oneself up; few persons anywhere ever succeed in doing so, and even fewer transcend the possessive stage to know love for what it actually is: a perpetual discovery, an immersion in the waters of reality and an unending re-creation.”

How To Have The Best Relationship And The Best Marriage,: Best Relationship Tips. (Relationship Dos And Don’ts Book 1)

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