Let Your Plans Control Your Daily Events.

Today could be like any other day except a significant event which may define today. takes place in your world. Many daily events may be beyond your control but what is within your control is your ability, supported by your readiness to use that ability to takn part in any daily event that interests you….

Think, Then Sprint Ahead.

The world is spherical, think straight, if a problem is arithmetical, sprint ahead, a decluttered mind is accurate, focused and sound, a geometric capacity, that’s a sound mind. Video- Ways of Thinking: ***

7 Channels To A Happy Life.

The seven channels to a happy life, are discovered by the one with an explorer’s lamp in the heart, they are; 1. The spirit of forgiveness. Forgiving readily and without prompting. A heart lacking in forgiveness is a heart in darkness, 2. The joy of thanksgiving. A heart full of thanksgiving is a heart in…

Michael Jordan On investment, Fun And Money.

Michael Jordan – “In any investment, you expect to have fun and make money.” No investment, no growth, a successful investment, more money to live the kind of life you want and of course, have fun. Every successful investment requires hard work and a sustained high level of dedication even when results fall below expectations….