You are right, marriage is not for the wise.

A marriage that still survives the ‘for better, for worse’, oath is the one built on patience, understanding, tolerance and love. For you to earn the trust of your spouse, you must trust without a single doubt; you must go where you don’t like to return with the one you love with a big smile,…

Risk Either Pays Or Strikes.

The dogs are barking, the world is rotating; it’s dead of night, awake great morning light; be conscious of reality, feet crossing land fields; it is a risky life, risk either pays or strikes.

Look Within And Believe In Possibilities.

Why would you search so far the lie, only to be bound hands and legs by it, while the truth is so near for you to reach and be liberated; to see and to explore the world and it’s wonders, and become challenged and inspired, to look within and believe in possobilities.