5 Reasons Spiritual Development Is Fundamental To Personal Development.

spiritual Growth

Spiritual development is the beginning of personal development. You need to discover who you are in order to know how far you have gone from where you started (that is, if you have started at all) and how far away you are from where you want to be. In life, success depends to a large extent on how well you are able to bring yourself forward to be assessed and be rewarded accordingly.

Create moments of isolation. Create moments of spiritual solitude and intentionally walk away from the crowd once in a while and situate yourself where you can hear yourself think and where you can assess yourself on the basis of truths you tell yourself about about your weaknesses and your strong points.

Why do moments for spiritual development fundamental to personal development?

  1. Creating moments for spiritual development help you to focus your attention on the search for self-discovery. It helps you discover your true potential and stops you from wasting valuable time and energy doing the wrong things to be who you are not because of societal influences and pressure,
  2. A moment for spiritual development helps you develop a strong self-discipline which is necessary for setting goals and creating events and activities that would help you achieve those goals. Self-discipline is an important emotional foundation for dealing with failures and disappointments.and it boosts courage level to where you could get up when you fail and try again,
  3. It is a moment for you to carry out an accurate assessment of your assets and what you could use them to get. That is, it is a moment to set realistic plans given the reality of what you have in hand. You keep disappointment at bay by setting realistic plans,
  4. It is a good time to build a strong team that would help you achieve your goals. A moment for a deep spiritual reflection is a moment to sieve out the pretenders among your friends and then, build a support platform on and around those who are on the same level of commitment and seriousness with you. A member of your team must be someone who would step in and protect your interest and that of the entire team, in case you were unavoidably absent,
  5. It is a moment to know your weaknesses and how they may stop you from getting to your destination. Not every weakness would get in the way but for the one that you realize would, you need to use this time of strength and comfort, a quality period of zero distraction, provided by a moment of spiritual solitude to know the knowledge to seek in order to improve.

So, for you to take your personal development to the level you desire, you must first create a good environment for your spiritual development.

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