You Have A Dynamite, Your Mind Is A Power House.

When a giant of a problem stands right in front of you, blocks your view, you don’t need your physical eyes to think, you need presence of mind, use it, and enlarge your thinking, to outclass, outshine and swallow up your problem, leaving you with ample space for prosperity and happiness.

Those who dare, own the stage.

In the absence of hope, engage your time, be active every second of your life, run away from excuses, run towards sound reasons: that combine to make you actively seek a devotion to service rather than creating excuses that condemn you to the back seat, and watch those who dare, own the stage.

Woody Allen- Eighty percent of success is showing up.

Just show up and don’t be afraid of laughter and derision, be the reason they relax and forget about their bad times and difficult season, if you would hang around and play the clown, they may just love to have you around, and they wouldn’t keep you for free, of course they would pay your…

Personal Development Interaction.

Personal development is the key to a successful living. Without self-discovery, there is no self-actualisation and without self-actualisation, there is no self-esteem. Self-esteem gives you the confidence to overcome your worst fears and pursue your best dreams, dreams that when achieved, bring peace, prosperity and happiness. The truth is, every good thing you can ever…