To raise super kids, self-discipline is necessary.

As a parent, you are your kids’ first role model. You are that super htman that is all knowing, that can move mountains and is incapable of doing any wrong. They believe almost everything you tell them while watching what you closely (not to catch you make a mistake rather as an involuntary act of learning). This period is when you too should watch them closely and lay a solid foundation of self-discipline in them. Self-discipline is a necessary structure for the transfer of beliefs and values to your kids. Spare the time, out of your tight schedule (breakfast time is ideal) to make them understand that, adequate self-discipline helps them identify their strongest positive passion, nurture it and develop it into a strength that will give them an edge, later in life. Don’t just talk to them about self-discipline, demonstrate it in your actions. Your actions will always speak louder than words. Finally super parent, do your best to raise your super kids, so that you would spend your old age in peace

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