Marriage: A Home Of Thorny Spines, Bees And Honey.

See your marriage as a home, built on a cactus tree with thorny spines, on which bees ‘brew’ sweet honey in combs: to get to the honey, you must withstand painful spines and stingy bees, as the bees will do everything not to give you their honey, but you must persevere and endure for love sake, show deep understanding and patience for continuity sake: stop saying, ‘I am tired of this marriage’, start saying, ‘I will do everything to tie the ugly loose ends’: stop saying, ‘I hate you’, start saying, ‘I love you’: keep playing the fool, this is the foundation, upon which true love grows: show deep respect for one another, trust completely and walk away from an argument with a smile, this is the only way you can keep your honey and destroy the stingy bees and the painful spines.

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