There Is No Personal Success Without Self-development.

Without self-development, it is almost impossible to achieve personal success. Self-development is the journey to discovering your strongest abilities, the sharpening of developing skills and the application of effectively developed skills in a crowded market place to strike profitable deals. Identify your passion and live your passion. Build your daily existence around the passion that gives you joy and which fires you up to seek ways of consistently improving on who you are and adding to what you have, no matter how marginal. Seek out friends and role models and, read books that contribute to your self-development. Jettison habits that threaten or that are constantly taking you back to the beginning of the journey. If you must sacrifice a friendship in order to make progress, please do so. No true friend would keep you from pursuing and achieving happiness. Pause and ponder: a moment of sustained happiness is a function of consistently, enjoying favourable returns on self-development efforts. So, go for self-development, go for personal success.


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