9 Quotes For You To Keep And To Share.

Words, like edible oil,

if well cooked, become the transport medium for sending and receiving, knowledge, understanding and wisdom,

the tripod upon which, peaceful co-existence is placed:

1. It is a mistake to repay evil with evil. It sets into motion, a vicious cycle that would go around and come around to consume you.

2. In your attempt to build a strong team, don’t add to or remove from the group without a dispassionate assessment of individual strength and weaknesses.

3. The gift you have is useless if it’s not put to good use and be rewarded by beneficiaries.

4. The faintest light is better than pitch darkness, if you don’t see where you are going, you can’t get to where you are going.

5. You will never get ALL that you want, so when you don’t get it sometimes, move on with the world, don’t get left behind.

6. Where a door is closed against you, a window is sometimes left opened for you to plead with someone inside, to open the door and let you in.

7. The power of humility is that your strength is often underestimated by your opponents and by the time the understand the depth of your strength, it would be too late because you would be on top, looking down on them.

8. Stop worrying about tomorrow, that’s out of your hand, just have your plans ready for every situation.

9. Your best is always ahead of you as long as you keep learning.


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