9 Quotes For You To Keep And To Share.

Words, like edible oil, if well cooked, become the transport medium for sending and receiving, knowledge, understanding and wisdom, the tripod upon which, peaceful co-existence is placed: 1. It is a mistake to repay evil with evil. It sets into motion, a vicious cycle that would go around and come around to consume you. 2….

Move On!

After suffering a huge loss, you must move on. The present is empty and disturbing, the future is promising, but first, you must move on order to get ahead before it’s too late. And while you are moving forward, discipline yourself not to look backward at the pains you are leaving behind except to take…

An Opportunity.: The Best Way To Get The Photo From The Negative.

An Opportunity, sometimes comes walking on its head, it’s true identity hidden by a situation that’s quite uncomfortable. To recognize it, you must take your time to analyze it: do this dispassionately and clinically, detach yourself from the situation and you would get the photo from the negative.