Your Net Worth Is A Measure Of The Number Of People You Satisfy.

What ynu want the most for yourself, shouldn’t be the top motiuating factor to think smart and work hard. Rather, if you strongly desire success in life, then you must answer the question: ‘How many people can I use what I know to satisfy?’. True net worth in real terms is measured by the numbers of lives touched positively. Check out the management philosophy of successful brands and you would agree with me that what keeps them in business is subscribers’ satisfaction and loyalty. So, if this is a fact, then all round success in life is a function of your ability to satisfy and, or sustain an encouraging level of happiness (through your interactions) among family, friends and the rest of the people in your social circle. So, for you to grow and expand, you must conciously widen the circle of people, you inspire to happiness with what you do. And for you to achieve this on a consistent basis, you must continue to learn and continue to reinvent yourself in order to drive the trend or set the pace.

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