More Hard Work, Less Stress.

Success in life is a product of;

hard work, failure and never giving up,

no cutting corners, there is an order,

the road is rough, the higher, the tougher,

stick to the rules, yea, it’s stressful,

but the celebration is eventful and colourful,

get down to the business of success,

strictly for those who are adamant and fearless.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I like this poem, there is too often a desire for success without the grit needed to do so.
    But I was wondering, do you think that also the company you keep impacts this success too? -as you didn’t mention supportive relationships.


    1. Ayi Etim says:

      Yes FitzDerick, the content or the quality of the company you and I keep is important and necessary for success. Remember the adage, ‘Your Net worth is a product of your Network’. Thank you for the beautiful comment.


      1. I actually was unfamiliar with that saying, so thank you for sharing that with me!
        I’m afraid I don’t have one to share back immediately but I did recently post a poem which I feel relates to what you just said:


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