Resist The Urge To doubt Until You Have All The Facts.


Nothing destroys love more quickly than distrust. Distrust is an evil seed that grows slowly but surely into a thick foliage that sucks the life out of a relationship and leaves it dry and drab, useful to no one. As long as everybody is doing their bit , learn to trust by doing your bit with a heart full of love. Do away with the urge to suspect every move that doesn’t involve you. Being in a relationship should not deprive anybody of their right to pursue their own dream and build their little world, which would eventually grow to accommodate everybody. Whenever, you have a reason to be suspicious of your partner, create a relaxing atmosphere to ask questions and accept answers given, as the truth. Resist the urge to doubt until you have all the facts. Finally, always endeavour to create a peaceful atmosphere that would ensure growth for you and everybody.

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