Jack Canfield: 4 Steps To Become Mindful About Your Money.

Many people agree that money makes the world go around. Without money, you are stuck and rooted to one place. Those brilliant ideas of yours would need money to give them wings to soar and generate profitable returns in order to satisfy the going concern concept. So, how do you get money, retain it and protect its base from being eroded?

Jack Canfield shares the following 4 steps to become mindful about your money:

When it comes to money, one thing I’ve discovered is that most people are completely unconscious about it.

Could this also be true for you?

Let’s take a look. Have you considered…

How much wealth it is you want? How much debt you have? What about your fixed and variable expenses? Do you have a financial plan? These are just a few of many questions you should regularly be asking yourself.

Ultimately, if you want to gain financial control, then you’ll need to become conscious about your money.

And if you’re after true wealth and abundance, then you must first identify your limiting beliefs about money, so your subconscious can go to work for you to produce your desired outcome. More on that in a second…

The bottom line is by getting mindful about your money, you can become financially independent.

Here are 4 tips to help get you there:

  1. Determine Your Net Worth – It’s important to establish a baseline for where you currently are, then begin to dream about where you can be

  2. Discover How Much You Need to Retire – Financial freedom during retirement allows you to pursue your passions, travel the world, and live an independent lifestyle

  3. Be Aware of What You’re Spending – This includes tracking expenditures that are both fixed (rent, mortgage, insurance, etc) and fluctuating (groceries, gas, entertainment, etc)

  4. Become Financially Literate

    Watch the video here


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