The World Could Be Better, If We Could Support Each Other.

I am happy to finally overcome my pride and let you know

how much I wronged you and how deeply I delayed you,

back then I was convinced it was the right thing,

that it was for the good of both us, now I know it was selfish

for me to try to keep you around me, just for the comfort of having you around

and not for the necessity of helping you reach your dreams and, it never crossed my mind

that I would enjoy the best of you if I let you get the best of what you wanted,

that reaching the best of you was possible with or without me on the journey,

now it’s late to have you here but I am a better person now, all thanks to your courage,

yea, you had the courage to strike out on your own, to begin the search;

for your true self, for your identity and for your liberty

and now you are truly free because I heard you are now living your dream,

why am I happy? I am happy because you have achieved that elusive state of happiness

I am happy because I almost stopped another human being from achieving greatness,

now, I know that as many more achieve happiness and greatness

the world would become a better place.


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