Question: How Do I Cope With An Alcoholic Mom?

S.L is seventeen. She has been tolerating her alcoholic mother for a long while now. Recently, she is finding the situation unbearable. Her concentration on school work is being affected and she is finding it almost impossible to communicate her fears, confusions, doubts and some of the challenges that affect an average teen to her mother who is never sober. She is considering running away from home and she doesn’t have an idea of where to run to. She doesn’t have a father. So, what should she do?


You can choose almost everything in life but there are few things you can’t choose and one is them is your parents. We are stuck with the kind of parents we open our adult eyes to see, know and who we must accept the way they are or tolerate. If you have alcoholic parents, it is going to be difficult to accept them the way they are. So, you would most certainly attempt to make them drop the habit and become parents you could be proud of but this is going to be very difficult. They would want you to understand that they know what they are doing and that as your parents, they are wiser than you. However, if you are determined to have your way, you must understand that you have a big fight on your hands which you might or might not win.

If you must fight;

  1. Understand that she is your parent, that nothing can change that. Once, you have made peace with this fact, then try to let her understand that you love her and will always love her even when she decides not or finds it impossible to kick the habit of drinking excessively.
  2. Try to find out from her how, where and when she picked up the habit. We all learn the things we know and do today, so it is almost certain that she learnt it and made it a habit at some point in the past.
  3. When you have this history, the next step to take is to begin the process of helping her to unlearn and reject the habit. For a non-expert and a teen, this is going to be difficult because this step requires tons of understanding, empathizing and patience but you could try. Work her through a daily routine that would gradually take her away from alcohol. Progressively reduce the numbers of alcoholic beverages available at home. Remember to carry her along. Try to get her to understand and to accept that you are doing it because you love her and you need her to live long,
  4. Talk to an expert.
  5. Finally, don’t run away from home. Stay there and build a beautiful home for your mother and yourself.

Your Advice Is Needed Too.

Please drop your advice in the comment.

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