Gloom And Darkness, Light And Happiness.

Try, please try and forgive yourself for the things you did wrong

and for which you are still kicking yourself and still wishing,

you could turn back the hands of time and bring back opportunities gone,

find the time to sit yourself down and reflect on the time, the energy you are wasting and expending

on trying to scoop up spilt milk,

think about opportunities you are missing because you are being blinded by self-hate,

think about the consequences of unhappiness and the frustration of fetching water with a basket,

don’t you think, forgiving yourself and moving on to seek better things would give you self-respect,

better self-esteem and greater self-belief to galvanize you owards living a better life?

and don’t you believe that what’s gloomy is darkness and happines is a shining light?


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