5 Ways To Deal With The Fear Of Death

Sometimes, you may go through a persistent irrational fear of death. A fear that weakens your ability to focus on anything positive and it may degenerate into an insomnia, shooting up your blood pressure , consequently, making you hypertensive. It is very unhealthy and it must be stopped quickly before it robs you of the pleasure of living.

To stop this kind of fear, you

  1. Must readjust your goals to suit your passion. Focus on doing the thing that you have a natural ability and love for.

      2. Train your mind to focus on the positives. Cut off from friends with a negative outlook on life and shut out of your mind, negative news,

     3. Create a daily routine and stick to it, adjusting it now and then to spice it up. Begin each with your mind focused on daily tasks you have set for yourself. Pay attention to details of set tasks and seek ways of improving your performances.

4. Make it a habit to review daily activities before retiring to bed. This assessment is a great opportunity to measure your progress against timelines. It will also help you focus on achieving set goals.

5. Realize that death is inevitable, it will come when it will come but it must not be an item on your To-Do list.


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