Mt. Everest Or The Black Hole?


The level of effort you may put in to climb Mt. Everest, may just be the same you may need to dig a 20 foot deep hole. You may dig the hole successfully but you may never make the effort to climb Mt. Everest because :

1. of your inability to overcome the fear factor that comes with facing obstacles imposed on us by the force of gravity,

2. Most of us are comfortable doing the usual than attempting to do the ordinary in order to stand out.

So, we usually end up taking more risk and doing more to achieve the usual than doing less and taking less risk to make a positive impact.

However, isn’t life more interesting when you achieve a fit that you hitherto thought was beyond you? Wouldn’t such an achievement give you the courage and the belief to pursue lofty ideals and live life at your own terms?

It is true that we all desire a good life. And the fact is, we all deserve it because we all are uniquely blessed to achieve it. But which would you choose:

‘The summit of Mt. Everest or the black hole?’.


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