Don’t Quit Until You Have Seen The Last.


Though, sometimes the pressure of life could still get to you, regardless of your philosophy, inspiration and experience, you must still find ‘The hope of a better future’, an inner strength, to carry you over rough edges and slippery surfaces.

Note this: when you fall on hard times, it is not every friend you should run to, because they have their problems too and so, they might not be in a sound mind to give you helpful objective suggestions. Don’t weep and sob, crying has never helped anybody out of troubled times and, don’t go about wearing that mask of ‘This world is too much for me’, because almost everybody feels life has not treated them fairly, everybody has their problems too.

What to do? Have a positive outlook on life, make plans and take actions snd, no matter what happens? Don’t quit until you have seen the last.


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  1. Eddy says:

    Nice one


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