I Remember…


I remember the first time we met,

with caution, we took those little steps,

into our hearts, to search for the foundation of trust,

the reason to let go of caution,

and give our all,for the passion that fimally held us together,

in a union where we would go wrong most times,

where just one right would get us longing for the comforting companionship of one another,

but how come that tha last wrong tore us apart?

Why didn’t neither you nor I play the fool and take the fall?

Why…? Just for us to remain strong and keep the supreme sweetness going on?

Well, that is in the psst now and we are still apsrt now,

maybe you are together with another now as I am,

and, maybe you sometimes wish you could turn back the hands of time,

as I sometimes travel back in travel in time,

hey! wishes are wishes, reality is reality, and I want you to keep this
reality in mind:

wherever you are, remember, two wrongs will never make one right.


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