Let the world know, ‘You Are The Best’, when you say it and believe it, you discover a reservoir of wealth, you have failed to fall back on, because you are used to taking the easy way out, so, work hard to clear all self-doubts standiñg between you and that enviable height.

Forgive And Heal The Heart.

A little space for forgiveness in your heart, is a safeguard against a sudden heart attack, people will offend you sometimes, without this, your lifetime will be boring, without brilliant colors and without fire, so forgive and heal the hole in your heart, that hole caused by a hurt, can only be healed by an…

I Appreciate You For Real.

‘Thank you’, this is for all the time I took you for granted, for many years, I only took and believed life was only about me and no one else, but without you and all my good friends, I wouldn’t be here, now, I want you to know that I appreciate you for real.

It ain’t the heat, it’s the humility- Yogi Berra.

The flame is intimidating, the paradise on the opposite side is appealing, and you have to go through the fire to get to the paradise, the only way to do that is to stoop low and conquer, underneath the fiery furnace, is the stillness and calmness of a river, so, the heat is never a…

Toes In The Sand, Dteams And Stars.

The toes can’t count the sand, go slow on your dreams and the stars, keep to the walkway, the traffic is fast and.furious, the struggle never ends, know when to continue and when to pause.

Sometimes, Two Is A Crowd.

It is not every time, that the ones you love need you around, sometimes, they may wish to be left alone and at such times, a rowdy crowd, so learn to leave enough space for your partner’s much desired privacy, being together is not a loss of personal liberty.

The Storm, The Demon And The Angel.

When the storm is raging, stand still and keep calm, cage your fear but leave an opening, for it to spur you up into taking a stand, to conquer your demons, so that you can walk side by side with those beautiful angels, that help out when things are going wrong, and support you over…

The Fragrant Tree.

Ignorance is no bliss, the inferior instead of the superior is stupidity, I want to be free, please give me wings, permit me to sit at your feet, O’ fragrant tree, let me drink you in continually, so flow in, abundantly please, touch every part of me with your excellence, O’ wise one, fill me…