If It’s So Strange To Be Happy Together, Let’s Forget About This Forever

It’s strange how we can be together

for so long but still remain total strangers,

tell me, how come that you don’t see the tears

behind my false smile?

how come that you don’t understand my fears

when often, I hiss and sigh?

how long should I continue to pretend that it’s well

when I am really going through so much pains?

I guess, we both have the answer,

we rather face the reality together or we forget about this forever.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Bhanu says:

    I can see everything,
    I can feel everything,
    I wish there was something,
    that I could do to
    make it any better
    but this is the choice we have made
    We have to live through it
    Time will tell what it meant
    I will give my shot
    I will turn the tables
    I will not give up on you yet
    I will fight for our love
    I will survive
    We will survive
    Love will survive
    You won’t have to shred a tear
    You won’t have to wait
    You will not have anything to fear
    You will not have any pain
    I will be by your side
    We will be together
    Forever or not
    Until the my last breath !


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