Happiness Lives Within You, So, Don’t Go Searching For It


Nothing should stand in it’s way,

everything shouldn’t be in place before you are okay,

go for happiness, don’t compromise because money can’t buy it,
it’s free, so get it,

in all seasns, be happy.

Some have it all except happiness. They set goals and achieve them all but still happiness for them, remains a mirage. Because they are never happy, they are empty on the inside where it really matters.


Some keep attaching happiness to the wrong targets and they keep missing out on happiness till their dying moments. This is because, happiness is never a function of what you have or what you don’t have. It is a function of the conscious willingness and preparedness to be happy under whatever circumstances. It is a created state of mind that becomes a habit after a sustained period of practice. So, how can a habitual state of happiness be achieved in every situation?


Have you come across people who seem to always have a smile on their faces, no matter what is happening around them?
Have you wondered how they do it? Some have a positive approach to life, some started off faking it, until they achieved the enviable of constant positivity.

So, you too can cultivate the sustained state of happiness and achieve it, by;

1. Not attaching happiness to the outcome of a process, activities or events. Plan and work hard for what you desire but don’t make it’s satisfaction a do or die affair. Let success amplify your state of happiness. Failure on the other hand, should be taken with calmness of mind and with the understanding that important lessons have been learnt and that there will be another chance to do better and get it right.

2. Clearly defining and placing what you want within areas of your strength and potential. This is not to suggest that you should not be ambitious. It is alright to have ambitions but such ambitions should not place you in a situation where you would be out of your depth. It is very important to assess what you want in details and evaluate the available factors for achieving it, in sincerity to yourself. There is no harm in trying and failing. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to be too sure before you venture. After all, we learn better under the condition of acceptance of failure and also when we see it as a useful experience and, a reliable stepping stone to greatness.



do your home work and make up your mind that your state of happiness wouldn’t be disturbed by the shape, color and size of the outcome.

3. Understanding that your happiness is not tied to anybody. Yes, it is true that the awareness that the affection of a loved one for you is guaranteed makes you happy, it would be a mistake to tie your happiness to this awareness. In life, the unbroken continuity of a human affection for or devotion to another, can never be guaranteed. Human beings are interested in self preservation first before the interest of others. So, there is always going to arise a conflict of what you really want and what your loved one really wants. When this happens, someone may get hurt and consequently, someone’s happiness would suffer.

4. Knowing that what is out of your control, plays no part in your search for happiness. Your happiness should not be the function of the outcome of a particular process that is tied to the collective struggle and decision of a group, you belong to. For no matter how smart and how influential you are within the group, you will not always have your way. And when you fail, you will not be happy.

5. Understanding that happiness from a job offer, promotion and any expected or unexpected windfall is only for a short time. It doesn’t last and it doesn’t endure.


that you must keep in constant view the fact that happiness depends on you and nothing else.

Lights out, darkness takes over,

you are groping about, no light in those eyes,

but they are wide opened and you are not blind,

it’s your mind,

it’s your mind that has been blinded,

by dark clouds of unhappiness.

Can’t you see that happiness is free,
and that money can’t buy it?

Choose happiness, no matter the venture,

no matter the outcome,
choose happiness, choose freedom.


In your search for happiness;

1. Have a positive outlook on life,

2. Work hard for what you want but don’t expect to always have all you want.

3. Know that everything has a terminal date or an expiry date. It is hard to say that love and friendship may end abruptly, sometimes at the peak or moments when they are sweetest.

4. At every moment, be happy that you have life to chase your dreams and to enjoy yourself.

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