How To Turn Complete Strangers Into A Great Team Of Good Friends.


There is not much you can achieve without a good team. As a matter of fact, growth and expansion in business and leadership are almost impossible without a good team. A team is useless if the members are not true friends. So, it is necessary to know how to turn strangers into friends and then, build a good team out of good friends.

To turn strangers into friends;

1. You must know how to use the tool of appreciation to bring out the best in others. Appreciation inspires while condemnation and criticism may deflate enthusiasm.

2. You must be quick to listen and be slow to argue. If you must argue, be generous with the credit for the conclusion. Let others know that the conclusion is a synergy of all contributions,

3. You must get all members of the team to see themselves as members of one big family. The problem of one, should be the problem of all. The friendship should extend beyond working relationship.


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  1. Bhanu says:

    Nice Post ! 🙂


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