Kill Fear And Succeed.

Nothing seems impossible any more, once you convince yourself that it can be done, our mind capitalizes on our fears to hold captive, our resolve to fly off the edge of the cliff without wings and entrust ourselves to the temptation to believe in our weightlessness in the wind, it is fear that stops us…

How To Survive Tough Times.

Reality check: No matter how fervently you pray, and no matter how much you want to wish it away, you will have your own fair share of tough times,, but when your turn arrives, remember that tough times don’t last, so when it comes, steel yourself, be very tough, toughness will keep you going when…

The Opposite Of Weakness Is Strength.

Every human has a weakness, so all make mistakes sometimes, fail sometimes and fall from grass to grace at least once, in a lifetime, but the wisest of us all accepts mistakes and corrects them, sees failure as the flip side of success and regards a fall as an opportunity to refuel for the ascent….

It’s Always A Wake-Up Call To Get Beaten- Usain Bolt.

When you, the champion, are beaten, it’s a wake-up call, wake-up from complacency, there is a new kid on the block, wake-up, you are lacking in inspiration, start to believe again, wake-up, this is no time to quit, you are still far from being a legend.