Stuck. The Storm Is Raging.

The bus is stuck and you are on it, there is a heavy storm raging and it’s a middle of no where, no help in sight, you are a long way from home stay on the bus, wait and hope for the best, the storm will blow over, it won’t last forever, it always has…

They Will Resist The Light Because it’s Unexpected,

Expect derision, expect mockery, for attempting to do something not done before, people would think that you are stupid, but don’t let the lack of encouragement bother you, don’t you know, people in the dark are first blinded by an unexpected bright light, before they adjust their vision to use the light?

Save Then Invest And Grow (15 Smart Ways To Save Money Every Month).

Save more, invest more, grow more, but a compulsive consumer would rather borrow to service an expensive habit than stop being a spendthrift, have excess in savings to invest in viable businesses that promise profitable returns and guarantee financial freedom. *** Read 15 clever ways to save money every money without even noticing, at:

An Attitude That Turns A Weakness To A Strength- Michael Jordan.

There is no adversity that can stop greatness, except the inability to turn a weakness, into a strength needed to break down the barrier that is everybody’s challenge , including achievers. *** My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness then I will turn that perceived weakness…