Innovation Doesn’t Just Occur In The Lab-Michael Dell.

People are never permanently satisfied with what they are getting, they are continuously searching for a better alternative, this is why brand loyalty is shifting, constantly changing, to retain it, you must be innovative, you must forecast consumers’ unpredictability, at least, fairly accurately, so take innovation out of the lab, feel the pulse of the…

Family Is Everything.

Like the blood in your mouth, you don’t want to swallow it and you don’t want to spit it out, your family pampers and gives you the best, love can give, although, there would be occasions you question their loyalty, but such occasional flashes of lightening can’t dampen the best weather the family provides, The…

Chase The Elusive Perfection And Catch The Celebrated Excellence.

No human being is infallible, therefore for us humans perfection is not attainable, at any rate, success is not dependent on perfection, it is a product of consistently doing the right thing on many occasions, this is excellence and it’s found and achieved, when the elusive perfection is the target and it’s pursued with zeal….

Parenting Made Easy.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could read your teen’s mind and help her deal with her confusion, help her deal with insecurity, disappointment and help her meet her expectations? Nothing sufficiently prepares a parent to give proper guidance, but you can achieve success by listening patiently to your teenager. *** 10 Things your teenager won’t…

Your Decisions Are Your Responsibility.

Few things in life are beyond your control, taking decisions is not one of them, so, don’t surrender your ability to take sound decisions to another person who, naturally, will think of self first, before paying you the least attention. *** I am the character you are not supposed to like- Alan Rickman.