Malcolm Forbes On The Purpose Of Education.

With education, ignorance vacates the mind, openness enters and takes over, ignorance fills the mind with emptiness, shallowness and stubbornness, while education creates space in the mind for wealth, depth and flexibility, the mother of progress. ***: MALCOLM FORBES- The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

Don’t Let The Negative Label Negate You.

Whatever uncomplimentary label they give you, don’t let it negate your high self-esteem and high networth, choose to live to high standards that give you the leverage to produce results that put your traducers to shame.

Ageing Gracefully (How To Prevent Urinary Retention).

As days go by, age begins to tell, long standing harmless habits suddenly begin to give you serious health concerns, thus, when you are younger, it makes sense, to watch what you eat and how you live, so that when you get to the twilight of your life you wouldn’t have to live in avoidable…

Two Together, What Does It Really Mean?

Two together doesn’t translate into the lost of freedom for any of the two, rather, it is the elimination of traces of weakness and the unification of areas of strength to pursue a common goal, which once attained, gives birth to offsprings, which are, the satisfaction of individual goals.