Failure Is Subjective.

Failure is subjective, those who really fail at the end, are those who fail to try again and again and, make every fresh attempt in a different way.

See Life For What It Is; A Beautiful Gift.

Looking at life from the funny end, reveals the foolishness of anxiety and disappointment. Life is a series of the journey between several ups and downs, when we are up there, then everything is fine, when we are down, we want the world to end, but that won’t happen because life always presents yet another…

Raising That Child Is A Full Time Job.

Raising that lovely child of yours is a full time job, the more you know about it, the little you know about it, somedays, you get stuck, but you know you can’t give up, you must carry on, to do that full time job, so that when you retire, you will have capable hands to…

It’s Okay As Long As It Suits You

When people walk away from you because you are an introvert, and introversion suits you, then let them go, stay true to yourself, but if you loved the outdoors, then explain nothing, live happily, don’t succumb to boredom, do whatever makes you happy as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, live the way it suits…

A Smiling Face.

A smiling face shows, no tears and no sorrow, it infects those around with hope for a better tomorrow.