Still Breathing, Still Believing

The city, jungle of stones, reality and the crying owl, no trees, no fauna, only flora of humans, love blossoming, hearts yearning for more, no more, they are saying, what we were giving, is dead and cold, what is it? Where are we? We are where we are still believing because we are still breathing

Your Children’s Education Should Not Cause Them Depression.

I know you love those children, so, you are working very hard to prepare them, for a bright future by giving them today, a quality education, but be careful, don’t end up driving them to depression, avoid working so hard to build, only to end up making it an overkill. READ MORE at:

The Poison That Lives In Every Heart.

Apply the breaks, let reasons take over, anger gives way to regrets, think first, talk later, let that anger blow over within the confine of your heart, save everybody the taste of that poison that lives in all hearts.

No More Lack.

At night, the stars will light up your path, after the moon has done it’s part and goes for break, and in the day, the brightness of the sun will give you light, but you must pass the test, you must form the habit of living to fill needs of humans fill a small portion…