Be conscious of the fact that, that position you want is wanted by others, and your best friend may be among the ‘others’, so let nothing surprise you as you go for what you want, and, always understand that selfish interest is constantly at war with trust.

7 Things You Must Do This Year In Order To Succeed.

This year, make up your mind to leave behind, every negative force that keeps you rooted to one spot, every time you try to move forward. You need to deal with; 1. Indecision: Once you are done studying a situation and, or an environment, do either of these two; a. Take action or, b. Don’t…

Say No Tears And Pains.

Fill your days with songs of joy and watch the birds sing and dance with you, laughter shouldn’t be scarce in your voice, keep smiling, brighten the dark clouds, your side of the sky, should always be blue, from now henceforth, radiate happiness, radiate strength, say no to a life of tears and pains.