The Secret Of Every Long Lasting Relationship.

A relationship is about you and it is equally about your partner, the peace, the sweetness and the love you desire is equally desired by your partner, so expect from the other exactly what you are giving, the whole essence of needing one another is for symbiotic benefits.

Is Saying ‘Sorry’, A Sign Of Weakness?

It’s on your lips, but you won’t say it out, saying it out loud heals wounds but it’s being held back by pride, the one that is wounded, may come back to seek revenge, and yes ‘I am Sorry’, might not erase the scar, but it could make amends.

Pray For The World.

War here and there, we are now the walking dead, let us pray for the world, let us pray for all, pray for you and i and all your loved ones, pray for your enemies that they find love, it’s only love that will make the blind fold of hatred on their eyes, fall off,…